Copenhagen : Shortcut to happiness

After we arrived Copenhagen by Thai Airways in the morning, we had 2 days to explore the capital of Denmark. But, it was not the checkin time at the hotel yet (check-in time was 15.00pm and it was just 9.00am at that time). It was not the big deal. It has luggage lockers at the ground floor of Copenhagen central station. The cost was just only 70 DKK/day (10 USD) and it can be paid by credit card.

Luggage Deposit Service in Copenhagen Central Station


Then, it was the time to started to take the tour the one of the most livable city in the world. The city is huge, but the tourist places are in the walking distance. The circumstance of the city is very friendly for walker and biker. If you are ready, let’s go to see how much interesting is Copenhagen?


City Hall Square

City hall square is just only 500 m away from Copenhagen central station. It is the location of City Hall of Copenhagen. We could see the building what was built since 1905 by Martin Nyrop, Danish architecture in National Romantic Style. The tower of the city hall has 105.6 meter height.


Nyhavn (The Old Harbour)

From city hall square, we walked through Strøget street for 1.50 km to get Nyhavn which is the one of the landmark of Copenhagen. If you visit Copenhagen and you don’t visit Nyhavn, it means you never have been to Copenhagen yet. Nyhavn is the harbour what was built in 17th century by King Christian V for the trading purposes. Nowadays, it has many colorful buildings along with the canal as well as waterfront restaurant and souvenir store. We could take many ‘chic photos’ with the colorful view here. 😛


The Little Mermaid and Gefion Fountain

The little mermaid and Gefion fountain is just only 1.70 km from Nyhavn. We could walk straight through Toldbodgade street. They are the iconic sculpture of Copenhagen. They are located in Langellinie park. Taking the portrait photo with the little mermaid and Gefion fountain is “A must” thing to do to visit this colorful city.


Frederik’s Church

Frederik’s Church is also known as The marble church. It is located on the way we walked from Nyhavn to The little mermaid. This church the Danish architect, Nicolai Eigtved in 1740. It is the largest church in Scandinavia. The dome has span of 31 m and height is 79 m. The church is free to visit. It is open daily, 10am – 5pm, 12pm – 5pm on Friday and Sunday. But the time may be vary if it has activity. The time will be announced at the front of the entrance.


Amalienborg Palace

The palace in located opposite with the Frederik’s church. It is the resident of Danish royal family. It is also known as Autumn & winter palace. This palace was built since 1750 with Rococo style. It has 4 building. One building is open as the museum and the collections of Danish Monarch. It is open daily (except Monday) during 11am – 4pm. The E-ticket can be purchased at Kongernes Samling Website, the cost is 125 DKK/person (18 USD). The highlight is the guard change marching what is performed every noon time.

Panorama View of Amalienborg Square



Rosenborg Castle

From amalienborg place, we could walk from Rosenborg castle. The distance is just only 1.20 km. It is a Ducth renaissance style castle what was built in 1606. It is known as summer palace of Danish royal family. In the palace area, it has 2 main parts, the building and the garden. Inside the building (the castle), we could see the collection and treasury of Danish monarch. Rosenborg castle is open daily 10am – 4pm (except Monday). The adnission fee is 125 DKK/person (10 USD). The E-ticket can be purchased at Kongernes Sampling Website.


Strøget Street

Strøget Street is the walking street & car free shopping area near to city hall square. We could walk from Rosenborg castle with the distance of 1 km only. It is the popular tourist attraction of Copenhagen. We could see many food stalls, local restaurants, souvenir shops and many brand names & luxury stores. This street is the one of the longest walking street in Europe. If you are the food and fasion lover, we cannot miss this street in all respects.


Herewith all of the places what we can visit and enjoy during our 2 days staying. We can say that Copenhagen is one of the most colorful and lively city what we ever see. Don’t you believe? Just walking in the Copenhagen city, we could feel that our happiness has increased without any notice. This is the carming of this city what we suggest you to visit at least once in your live.



Next, after copenhagen, we had planned to move forward to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It has many modes of transportation to get there. But we select SJ High-Speed Train from Copenhagen Central Station to Stockholm Central station what takes only 5 hours. We will see what we will do in Stockholm in the next chapter….. 🙂



Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth

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