Stockholm : Charming city in the snow

After 2 days in Copenhagen, we moved to Stockholm by SJ High Speed Train. Then, we had 2 days in the capital of Sweden before moving further to the up north. We arrived Stockholm Central Station about 22.30pm, an hour delayed due to heavy snow. Fortunately, we booked the hotel nearby railways station, just only 400m. We had enough resting time before exploring the Venice of Scandinavian on the next day. 🙂


The next morning after our arrival, we had fully charged our energy. It was the time to start our new chapter of journey. As same as Copenhagen, Stockholm is the huge city and covered with public transportation like tram or subway. But it was more convenient to travel by foot (I mean walking) as all interesting places are in walking distance. And, walking in the city could make us see the interesting things what we couldn’t experience by another mode of transport. 😛 If you are ready, let’s see the charming of Stockholm with us.


Vasa Museum

From Stockholm central station, we could walk to Djurgården island where is Vasa museum located. It was only 2.70 km walking. On the way to Vasa museum, we could enjoy the harbor view during our walking too. Vasa museum is maritime museum what is showing the 64-guns wooden warship. The ship was built in 1628 which is the most powerful ship and the most investment at that time. But, unfortunately, it did sink in 30 minutes after releasing in the sea only. It was never cruising yet. The Vasa was salvaged in 17th century. In this museum, we could see attractively decorated warship and learn about the history of the Viking. Vasa museum is open daily 10am – 17pm (except Saturday). The admission fee is 170 SEK/person (about 18 USD).


Stockholm City Hall

The Stockholm City hall is located only 700 m from Stockholm central station. It is the parliament of Stockholm municipality. The building of the city hall was built in 1928 with national romantic style by Swedish architect, Ragnar Östberg. It is the venue of the Nobel prize banquet and one of the landmark of Stockholm. The city hall guide tour is available daily, 8.30am – 16.30pm. The admission fee is 120 SEK/person (about 12 USD).


The Royal Palace

Stockholm royal place is the residence of Swedish monarch. It is located in Gamla Stan, only 800 m from Stockholm central station. The palace was built in 1697 and designed by Swedish architects, Nicodemus Tessin the Younger Carl Hårleman. Some part of the Royal palace is open for the public visit including The royal apartments, The treasury and The Tre kronor museum. We could see the history of the Swedish monarch as well as the valuable objects of the Swedish royal family. The royal palace is open daily, 10am – 16pm. Admission fee is 120 SEK/person (about 12 USD).

Guard Change Marching at Stockholm Royal Palace


Gamla Stan

Gamla stan is the old town area since Stockholm was found in 1252. It is located nearby The royal palace. Gamla Stan is one of the most famous walking street in Sweden. It has many old style buildings as well as the alleys. We could see the colorful and beautiful church, museum, souvenir shops and the restaurants. We felt that it is different world when we are in Gamla Stan as the atmosphere is looked very traditional, while the Stockholm center is looked modern. 🙂 Everyone who visit Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the first place to think of.


Sergel Torg

Sergel Torg is the square in the central of Stockholm. It is located 400 m from Stockholm central station only. At this square, it is the shopping center which consists with department stores, luxury shops, restaurants and so on. The shopping lover cannot miss this place when visiting the capital of Sweden. We could enjoy the walking in Sergel torg in both day and night times.


Even it was just 2 days, but it was our pleasant time as Stockholm has unique charming what is not like another city in the world. Because it is the homogeneously mixed between the modern culture and the traditional history.

Next, after our heart is fulfilled with the atmosphere of Stockholm, we had planned to go up to the arctic of Sweden, Abisko. The most easiest and comfortable way is to take night sleeper train from Stockholm. The train ticket can be purchased online by SJ train Website. It was the 16 hours night train but very joyful. See you in the next chapter…..We will tell you about The moving green snake in the sky. 😛

On the night train to Abisko !
My Bed on the night train to Abisko


Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth

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