About Me


My name is Shipy (Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth is my full name). I was born in Thai-Chinese family in the countryside of Thailand. When I was young, I always dreamed of traveling around the planet to explore and see the world. Every time, when I was on the night bus to Bangkok, I always told my mom to wake me up when we pass Don Maung Airport to see the aircraft from the distance (at that time, Bangkok had only one airport, before Suvarnbhumi airport was built and opened). It was the excited highlight for 8 hours night bus journey. The feeling when I saw the aircraft awake my curiosity that how amazing of traveling to the unknown places.



My first traveling by plane was happened when I was 22. It was the domestic flight from Bangkok (Don Mauna – DMK) to Chiangmai. I remembered that it was very exciting as I traveled alone and my first flight. I seemed for the information in the internet for months before traveling date. Starting from how to buy the ticket, the procedures at the airport until boarding and disembarking. It made my heart inflated and ignited my willing of journey. Since then, my behavior had been changed. I always search the traveling information in the internet and offline sources when I have free-time. For example, how to find promotion air ticket, traveling planning, the things to do at the destination as well as the trip management.


After my first flight, I could recognize that going out to find the experience of life is not difficult like I thought. If we have willing mindset, we can make it happen. Going to the unknown is the invaluable thing in my life. Furthermore, my job is to often traveling, it also makes me think that this world is so wide. It has infinite experience to explore and collect in my dream pocket. Even I hear from the people, read from the book or see in the television, it can not be compared with to see with my eyes.


So, you just need to pack you stuff to your baggage, wear your favorite shoes, grab your passport and step out from your comfort zone to explore the new world. The world what will change your believing forever. Because I always believe that…….

Moving is living !



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