[REVIEW] Thai Airways TG950 : Bangkok – Copenhagen

This trip, we had plan to visit Scandinavian countries (Denmark and Sweden) by starting from Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) and travel up to top north of Sweden. We started by flying to Copenhagen by direct flight from Bangkok (Thailand), operated by Thai Airways. This is the most convenient and comfortable way to connect both kingdoms.


This is the flight details of our trip

Flight No. : TG 950 – Thai Airways

Route : Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK) – Copenhagen Kastrup (CPH)

Departure Time : 00.30AM (GMT +7)

Arrival Time : 06.35AM (GMT +1)

Flight Duration : 12 Hours 5 minutes

Equipment : Boeing 777 – 300 ER

Cabin Class : ECONOMY



We started our trip by arriving at Bangkok – Suvarnbhumi Airport (BKK) at 21.30pm, about 3 hours before before departure time. Thai Airways (Economy Class) could be checked-in at Row H and J. The queue at check-in counter was quite long. Even we did internet check-in already and could proceed to the baggage drop counter, but we spent about an hour to check-in and get the boarding pass.


After finishing the baggage drop and getting the boarding pass, we passed through security checkpoint and immigration formation. The queue were quite long too. After 30 minutes, everything had been cleared. We would be boarding at Gate – D3.


We had about an hour to take a look something a duty free shop and find some snack 🙂 Then, we were at the gate about 30 minutes before take-off time, The passengers did waited at full area and our aircraft was waited us already. We sat only 20 minutes and the boarding was started on-time.


The economy seats were arranged as 3-3-3. It had PTV, blanket and pillow for every seat. The seat pitch is very comfortable for long-haul trip (my height is 183 cm).


After the boarding complete, the flight was pushed-back and taken off 15 minutes behind the schedule due to some catering problem. But it was not the big deal. Then, 30 minutes after taking-off, the cabin crews have served the hot meal. For economy class, it has 2 choices, Rice with chicken curry or Spaghetti with shrimp. I selected the second one. 🙂 The free-float drink and alcoholic beverage were served during the meal too.


The lavatory was cleaned and sanitation equipment was well provided.


Once the stomach was fulfilled, it’s time to rest. Zzzzzzzzz



10 hours later….



2 hours before arrival time, the breakfast was served. it had only one choice for Economy class, Omelet with chicken sausage. Hot tea and coffee were served during the meal too.


After breakfast time is passed, the captain started to bring us descending to Copenhagen – Kastrup airport. And, then, the flight was gently landed on-time.


Once I disembarked the aircraft, it had to follow the direction to pass immigration checkpoint. Then, baggage had been claimed before exit to the arrival hall.


Next, to get into Copenhagen city center, it has many ways. But the most convenient and reasonable price is to take DSB train from the airport to Copenhagen central station. It has automatic ticket vendor which cash and credit card are accepted. The ticket cost is only 36 DKK (5.50 USD) per trip (per person). The train schedule is shown on the screen of vending machine.


The train did take on 15 minutes to bring us the the center of capital of Denmark. At this central station, it can connect to another place and subway as well. It means now we are safely and perfectly arrived Copenhagen !


As you see, it was very easy and comfy to fly cross the world with the direct route from Thailand to Denmark. I hope you have the pleasant journey and enjoy your trip. WELCOME TO COPENHAGEN 🙂



Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth


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