Krabi Trip (Thailand) – Part 3: Phi Phi Islands

     The third day of our Krabi trip. We had plan to go to further island, Phi Phi (Thai : เกาะพีพี) what we booked the trip with tour counter since our first day at Krabi. We woke up at 07.00am to prepare ourselves and had breakfast at hotel. Around 08.30am, the staff from tour counter had picked up us at hotel on time and brought us to the pier at Nopparat Thara beach like yesterday (but today we will have trip with Speedboat). We arrived the pier with our group around 08.45am and guide had instructed our trip today what we will visit 7 places.


Phi Phi Islands Map

     Upon everyone ready, guide had leaded us to the speedboat and departed to our first destination Bamboo island / Koh Phai (Thai : เกาะไผ่) What is about 30 minutes from the pier by speed boat. This island is located on the south-west of Ao Nang. It is a small island with long white & fine sandy beach and extremely clear sea water. In the past, this island had plenty of bamboo trees on island. But they were gone after Tsunami attack at Andaman sea since 2004. Anyway, this island still has beautiful appearance and peaceful atmosphere. We had been given 40 minutes free time on this island take photo and enjoy beach & sea relaxation.


The panorama view of Bamboo island



The white and find sandy beach on Bamboo island



The rock corner at the edge of beach on Bamboo island

     On 10.15am, we had left Bamboo island to cruise the speedboat to our second point, Viking cave (Thai : ถ้ำไวกิ้ง) which is 10 minutes from Bamboo island. This cave is belonged to private and located on small island. The cave owner had concession from government to harvest the nest of martin bird. It is called viking cave because it has the Viking Mural on cave wall what is presumed that it was made by the fisherman who used this cave to rest and escape the turbulence waves. As this cave is private own, it was not allowed the tourists to step on the island. But we can see the cave from the boat.


The viking cave view from boat


The viking  mural in the cave

(Source :

     Then, we move on to our next destination, Pileh cove (Thai : อ่าวปิเล๊ะ) what is only 5 minutes from Viking cave. Pileh cove is the lagoon near to Phi Phi islands. It is surrounded by the limestone hill and has only one entrance. The sea water at Pileh cove is purely clear what we can see the sand at the bottom. Moreover, as it is closed cove, it has no turbulence sea wave at all. This cove is very appropriate for swimming and diving.


The entrance of Pileh Cove 


Smiling with the background hill at Pileh Lagoon



A natural swimming pool in the center of Andaman Sea, Pileh Lagoon


Jumping to the sea from speedboat at Pileh Lagoon 


    We spent 40 minutes at Pileh cove with the funniest swimming and diving till we were satisfied. Next, we had left Pileh lagoon to continue our trip to one the most famous place of the world, Maya bay (Thai : อ่าวมาหยา) which is 15 minutes away from Pileh cove.  This bay is the most beautiful bay in Phi Phi islands area. It has the curve sandy beach with clear emerald sea water and panorama view of the cliffs. With this wonderful scenic, Maya bay was used as the one scene in Hollywood film, The beach in 2000.






We are on the beach at Maya bay 🙂



One snapshot with Maya Bay sign 😛


     In addition, Maya bay also has hidden point which is located at its opposite way, Loh samah bay (Thai : อ่าวโล๊ะซามะ). We can get to Loh samah bay from Maya bay by walking through the island. It has the walk way which take only 5 minutes by foot. At Loh samah bay, it is the hill and view point what we can see the wild scenic of Andaman sea with blue color ocean and plenty of islands. What a terrific !





The boy and girl with pirate robe at Loh Samah Bay




We with the view point at Loh Samah Bay


     We had taken almost 1 hour at Maya bay and Loh Samah bay to consume the beautiful and peaceful beach. Then, about 1 pm, the guide had called us to back to the boat to go to Phi Phi island to have lunch at restaurant on the island (we admitted that we already hungry 😉 ).

     Before we landed at Phi Phi island, we had passed Monkey bay (Thai : อ่าวลิง) which has owned by Monkey (just kidding 😛 ). This bay has been called “Monkey bay” because it has a lot of Monkey on beach and cliff. In the past, tourists can visit the beach at Monkey bay but they were often attacked by monkey. Hence, now, guide recommended us to sea the monkey on the boat only.


The resident of Monkey Bay



Monkey bay view from our speedboat

     Phi Phi island was looked like the capital of this zone. It had many hotel, resort and restaurant. We took about 1 hour to have lunch and relax on this island. Then, we back to our boat and go on to our last destination of this day, Mosquito island (Thai : เกาะยุง) which is located 10 minutes from Phi Phi island. This island is inhabitant and it is good for snorkeling with coral reef surround the island.


Koh yung

Snorkeling point at Mosquito island 

(Source :


     The coral reef here was similar to chicken island where we visited yesterday. It has Coral reef, Coral Brain, Sea Urchin, Siam Tiger Fish, Tridacna, etc. before spent about 30 minutes to snorkeling here (with drizzling rain, but it was fantastic).

     About 3.30pm, it was time to say goodbye Phi Phi island trip and back to Ao Nang where we departed this morning. We can say that it was a pleasant day which has every taste. Enjoyed with white and find sandy beach. Excited with jumping dive to lagoon in middle of Andaman sea. Absorbed the beautiful atmosphere at world famous beach. And, relaxed from city life to the place of paradise which everyone prefers to visit……Krabi, Thialand. 🙂







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