Krabi trip (Thailand) – Part 2 : 4 Islands experience

     Second day of our Krabi trip, we had planned to explore 4 islands with long tail boat trip what we bought tour package yesterday. We had appointment with tour staff to pick-up us at hotel on 8.30am. We woke up since 7.00am and had breakfast at hotel. The tour staff arrived and picked up us on-time with minibus and continued to pick-up another guest from another hotel and directed to the pier at Noppharat Thara Beach which is only 5 minutes away from Ao Nang. Today, our group had about 12 persons (and only us are Thai, another are foreigner).

     When everything ready,  around 09.30am the guide lady had announced (in English) to call us to get on the boat and started our 4 islands trip…..Let’s go !


Our 4 islands trip map

(Source :


     We had cruised along Nopparat Thara beach and Ao Nang beach about 15 minutes and reach our first stop, Railay beach and Phra Nang Cave (Thai : หาดไร่เลย์และถ้ำพระนาง).

     Railay is the beach next to Ao Nang beach in the mainland but most of people understand that it is the island because it can be reached by boat only as it has the high cliff which separate it from Ao Nang. Railay has 2 sides beaches (west and east). The popular one is west as it has plenty activities to do. At this west Railay beach, we can enjoy swimming with transparent green sea water, pray respect to famous princes house (Phra Nang is Thai Language what means princes) and excite with rock cliff climbing. The guide lady had given us 45 minutes free time here to enjoy. First, we went to prey respect to the princes house what is located in cave (actually it not like really cave, it is looked like the tunnel between 2 cliffs). Then, we had enjoyed with photo taking on the beach and in the sea. The beach had very find & soft sand what we can walk with bare feet and had very beautiful scene as it has high cliff with the curve beach with panorama view of plenty of islands.



Railay beach and Phra Nang Cave



Phra Nang cave with princes house



Railay beach when looked from Phra Nang Cave


     About 10.45am, we had back to our boat to continue our trip with next stop Chicken island (Thai : เกาะไก่). This islands is located 8 km away from Ao Nang. The geographic of the island is looked like rock mountain in the sea. This island is called chicken islands because it has the one tall rock on the edge of island what has shape like chicken’s head. Near to chicken island has one snorkeling site what has plenty of coral and sea fish to explore.



Chicken island


     We had reached chick island on 11.15am and had been given snorkeling time for 30 minutes near to chicken island (if you have no snorkeling equipment, the guide can let you borrow with free of charge including mask, snorkel and life vase). The creatures under the sea in this area were general shallow sea life such as coral reef, coral brain, cauliflower coral, sea urchin, Siamese tiger fish, parrot fish, Tridacna etc.


     After we had fulfilled with sea life watching, around noon, it was time for lunch. The guide had brought us to Tub island & separated sea (Thai : เกาะทับและทะเลแหวก) to have lunch with meal box (Thai food). We were not sure that the meal was tasty or we were hungry because it was very delicious 😛

     After lunch, guide gave us 1 hours free time for digestion and relax at Tub island. At here, we were interesting with separated sea which is the one of amazing attraction of Thailand. When the tide is low, the white sane dune what connect between 3 islands (Tub, chinken and Mor islands) will be appeared which we can walk through this dune easily. It was wonderful phenomenon !



The panorama view of Tub island and separated sea when the tide is low










The beach and sea at Tub island


     About 2.00pm, we left Tub island to our final destination of the day, Poda island (Thai : เกาะปอดะ). This island is belonged to private but opened for public tourists. It has white & extra fine sand beach with clear blue sea water and beautiful scenic with vertical rock island. Guide gave us 1 hours free time at this island. We had spent time by walk around the beach to take photo with many terrific points. But it has mandatory point, the beach with vertical rock island background what is the most popular point of this island. Don’t miss it !


Panorama view of Poda island with beach and vertical rock


The most popular scenic point at Poda island


     Around 3.30pm, it was time to say good bye Poda island and finished our today trip. We took long tail boat back to Nopparat Thara pier where we are departed since morning. Then, guide had service to take us back the hotel with free of charge. As soon as we arrived the hotel, we took shower and rest (and wait for dinner 😛 ).


     On 6.30pm, it was time to go out again (for dinner). We had planned to have India food, because yesterday we saw many Indian restaurant along with Ao Nang street (even here is Thailand). It made us curious and would like to try Indian food here. We walked pass many Indian restaurants but unable to decide. Finally, we stopped at one place which has certificate from, Tandoori Night’s, we decide to try this shop !.  We ordered Butter chicken with Naan and Pad Thai. That was meant we had half Thai – half Indian meal. It was very tasty and pleasant.

Our Thai & Indian yummy at Tendoori night’s restaurant – Ao Nang


     After we fulled, we walked back to our hotel with sleepy feeling cuz we had many activities since morning plus with Indian + Thai foods. Upon we arrived the hotel, we go to bed to recharged an energy for tomorrow which we will go Phi Phi Islands. Have a good night 🙂







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