Krabi Trip (Thailand) – Part 1: The arrival

     This was our short domestic holidays after we had hard work over a quarter. But we had only 3 days and we had to travel to the destination which is not so far from Bangkok. After we checked the climate and flight ticket, Krabi was the best choice due to November – December is the period what the monsoon had gone (I guessed) and airfare was affordable.  Hence, let’s go to Krabi !




       Krabi is a province in southern part of Thailand. It is located on the coast of Andaman sea which is 785 km from Bangkok. At here, Krabi can offer you for 2 types of tourism, sea & islands experience and in-land adventure. Both of them are interesting and famous and cannot classify that which one is better. By this, We can say that Krabi is the one of the most popular province among southern provinces of Thailand after Phuket. As it is tourist place, it is easily to reach with plenty of flights from Bangkok and another province in Thailand as well as international (check flight to/from Krabi here). With high competition among the airlines, we can get the ticket of AirAsia to Krabi from Bangkok at 1,550 THB/pax (about 48 USD) for round trip only. The flight take only 1 hour and 20 minutes.



The skyview from Krabi flight with Thai Air Asia

     As we have only 3 days, it was very limited. So, we had decided to give the time of this trip for sea and island exploration. And, we had selected to stay at Ao-Nang (Thai : อ่าวนาง) area due to it is near to the pier to travel to the islands and has many shop and store as well as the hotels. In fact, Ao Nang is the one of famous beach of Krabi what most of tourist who visit Krabi would like to stay here. It has very long beach with clear sea water and fine sand as well as panorama view of mountain and island in the same area. In addition, plenty of restaurants and shops are ready to offer you all the time !

     The roughly trip itinerary is follows;

Day – 1

     0725 – 0850          Flight from Bangkok to Krabi with AirAsia (FD3213)

     0930 – 1100          Travel from airport to hotel in Ao Nang by shuttle bus

     1100 – 1700          Take a rest and relax at Ao Nang


     Upon we arrived Krabi International airport and claimed our luggage, we walked to exit way at domestic arrival passenger hall and seeked for ticket counter of shuttle bus to Ao Nang. it was not difficult to find as it is located straight to exit door. We had immediately asked for ticket staff and bought as we have studied it before. Then, ticket staff informed us to wait the bus for 5 minutes at outside and the dirver will drop us at hotel. Actually, the driver will ask all passengers which hotel he will stay and drop the passengers at hotel one by one. The drop off queue was started depend on distance from airport by drop the passenger who stay in Krabi downtown first and gradually dropped one by one until finish the last one at Ao Nang. The bus took about 1.50 hours to drop all passengers. For us, as we were staying at the furthest hotel among passengers in the bus, we were dropped as the last ones what took 1.50 hours as bus schedule. 🙂

     Fact : Ao Nang is 28 km away from the airport. It has 2 ways to get their by public transport, shuttle bus – 150 THB/pax (about 5 USD)  or private taxi – 600 THB/car (about 20 USD for max 4 pax).


Ticker counter of Shuttle bus at Krabi Airport

(Source :


The shuttle bus from Krabi airport to Krabi town and Ao Nang.

(Source :


     We reached the hotel around 11.00am. Our hotel was Silver Sand Suits. We selected this hotel because it is located in good area what convenient to eat and not so crowded as well as it has very peaceful atmosphere. At that time, it was the check-in time yet. And, we just recognized that we hungry. So, we had dropped our luggage at hotel and go out to find something to fill our stomach. The hotel receptionist told that we can check-in at noon, it was a good time for us to have lunch and back to relax at hotel.  The street near the hotel has many food restaurants and stalls as well as coffee shop from low price till luxury. And, it has many minimart and massage shop. Meanwhile, we can find plenty  tour counters along with this street too. We had stopped with one small food stall near to the hotel and ordered our quick lunch (Stir fried noodle with chicken and Fried rice with cashew nut) and manage it so quick (cuz we are hungry).


Her fried rice with cashew nut….Yummy ;-D


Coffee shop (CapuChin) near to our hotel


     After we were full and energized, it was time to continue to fulfill our goal of the trip, TO EXPLORE THE ISLANDS’ EXPERIENCE !!!

     We had walked along the street near by the hotel. It had many tour desks and counters every corner (as many as we found the restaurant). You can compare the price for each shop before make decision. Each shop might offer the same trip itinerary but difference service (e.g. speed boat or long tail boat, lunch with meal box or lunch at restaurant in island, etc.). Our plans in our minds are 1 day for 4 islands trip (Phra Nang Cave, Railay beach, Tub Island, Chicken island and Poda island, Thai : ถ้ำพระนาง, หาดไรไลย์, เกาะทับ, เกาะไก่ และเกาะปอดะ) and 1 day for Phi Phi island trip (Thai : เกาะพีพี). Finally, we had found one tour counter with good service and guarantee to refund if it has any incident what cause the boat cannot go out as well as pick up and drop off service at hotel. Our trips what we bought were including;

  • 1 day trip (9.00am – 16.00pm) for 4 islands trip by long tail boat include lunch (meal box) and drinking water – 400 THB/pax (about 13 USD) – this price is for Thai citizen, foreigner may be +30 to +50%.

  • 1 day trip (9.00am – 16.00pm) for Phi Phi island trip by speed boat include lunch at restaurant and drinking water – 1,200 THB/pax (about 37 USD) – this price is for Thai citizen, foreigner may be +30 to +50%.


     After we got the tour tickets, it was mean we have already reserved our next 2 days plan. We decided to back to hotel to check-in and took a rest (and nap 🙂 ) because we had waken up very early to catch morning flight. We will go out to Ao Nang beach again on evening to see the sunset beach.

     Around 4.00pm, we gained energy and ready go out again. We had planned to go to Ao Nang by walk as it is only 800 m away from our hotel what took only 10 minutes. On late afternoon till evening time, local peoples and tourists like to relax at Ao Nang beach and enjoy the sunset experience. Despite Ao Nang beach at that time had many peoples, but it still unbelievably peaceful atmosphere. We were able to hear the sea wave sound mixed with enjoying people noise on the beach. It was fabulous feeling and brought us away from the chaos of city life !


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ao Nang beach in evening scene



The Old dog @ Ao Nang beach


     Furthermore, the street along at Ao Nang beach also has restaurants, cocktail bars and souvenir shops what were very interesting to see even we did not buy anything 😉


The street along with Ao Nang


     After we absorbed the relaxing time and enjoyed walking  at Ao Nang beach.  Around 6.00pm, unbelievable, it was time for dinner and we started to hungry (again). We had tried to search Google and Tripadvisor to find recommended seafood restaurant with extremely Thai taste. Finally, we found Wang Sai Seafood (Thai : วังทรายซีฟู้ด) what is located only 600 meters from Ao Nang, it is in walking distance. Upon we arrived, We thought we are lucky because most of the seats are fulled and reserved. But it still had seats as we had only two (most the customers were group tour which were >6 persons/group). We looked at menu and immediately ordered Sour soup with shrimp & climbing wattle, Crab meat omlette and Garlic fried rice. Then, it was yummy time !

Our yummy seafood dinner at Wang Sai Seafood restaurant

      After we finished heavy dinner, we were almost unable to walk back to the hotel cuz our stomach was heavy too, but finally we could. 😛  That night was our great night we slept with tiredness and happiness and recharged for next day island adventure. Sweet dreamed.






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