Luang Prabang in my eyes (Part-2)

The second day in Luang Prabang. After we spent first day to discover all historic sites of the city, today, we have planned to visit the nature place at the outside of the city, Kuang Si Waterfall. it is located 30 km from the city center. Indeed, it has tour service for half day to take you there. But we don’t really like any inflexible journey. So, we decided to rent the scooter from the hotel for our freely hop around as we want. 🙂 The rental cost is only 100,000 LAK per day or about 13 USD (not include gasoline). But we just has to inform the hotel one day in advance to find us the vehicle.


Once we have the wings for hopping, we left the hotel around 9am and stopped for gasoline filling at the station nearby the hotel. The road from the city to Kuang Si Waterfalls was smooth and mostly flat. We could enjoy the hillside view and green field along with our way. We reached the office of the waterfall around 10am. All vehicles are not allowed to get the fall. It has tourist center (office) for parking and buying the ticket (25,000 LAK or 3.50 USD). Then, it will has golf cart service to take us to the entrance of the waterfall.


It took only 5 minutes from the office to the entrance of the fall by golf cart. Nearby the entrance, after we passed the admission gate, it has Bear Rescue Center. We could closly see the bears what was helped by Free the bear foundation.


From the bear rescue center, we just walked 50m to get the waterfall. It is amazing ! The turquoise water pond with the falling water combine with the green nature and chill weather. It made us feel very refresh and relax. In some pond of the waterfall, we could soak ourselve and swim into it. However, the highlight of this fall in the top floor. It has 60 metres of huge falling water from the hill. It was the beautiful scene.


We spent more than 2 hours at the falls and bear center. Then, we back to Luang Prabang by scooter with the same way. On the way back, it has one local ice-cream shop which is about 6 km from the waterfall, Laos Buffalo Dairy. We could taste homemade ice-cream from buffalo milk here. It has plenty of choice of flavor. The cost is only 30,000 LAK/scoop (3.50 USD).


When we arrived back to the city, it was 1pm. Our stomach was ringing for something. We thought of the traditional noodle soup (Pho) and found one shop in the city center. The pork noodle with Coca-Cola was the great one for the mid-day…..yummy.


Then, on the afternoon, we had time to have a walk and tour in the historic city and chill out with the coffee shop near to Mekong river. It was our relax time from the chaotic life. Don’t you believe? During we were walking in the city, even the weather was very warm, but we felt calm and comfortable. It might be because the atmoshere of the peaceful city made us forget about the weather and concentrated to the loveliness of the architecture.


We spent our afternoon in Luang Prabang City and chilled out at the coffee shop. Then, we got back to the hotel to take a rest and prepared to go out to Lart Leng square, near to night market. It has many food and drink shops as well as plently of choices for the dinner here. It was Friday evening when we visit and had mini concert from local band too.


Until now, we have spent fully 2 days in Luang Prabang already. Even it is just the small city, but it has many interesting places and different cultures to explore. We are not surprised that why many peoples fall in love with this city. Because it has internal charming itself what we will not never know until we visit it. We would like to recommend to visit Luang Prabang at once in your life. Then, you will give your heart to this city………like us 🙂


Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth


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