First day in Surin Islands : Arrival & Snorkeling

     We arrived Surin Islands around 10.00am from Bangkok by night bus since yesterday and connect with speed boat (Click here to see how to get Surin Island by night bus from Bangkok). We had about an hour before lunch to walk on the beach after we check-in and keep our belonging in tent. The lunch was available as Thai Style seafood buffet at main restaurant at Mai Ngam Beach.







The restaurant atmosphere in Opened Air style with our first meal at Surin Islands


Once we fully charged – It’s time to workout 😛

Ready…Set…Go !


     After we had lunch, it is time to start our amazing activity here by go to snorkeling and free diving on afternoon. We met the guide on 13.45pm as per appointment at Longtail boat station, 200 walk from Mai Ngam Beach and went to first snorkeling point, Turtle Bay / Ao Tao (Thai : อ่าวเต่า).



     At Turtle bay, we found many of corals and fishes (e.g. Brain coral, Antler coral, coral reef, Parrot fish, Anemone with clownfish, sea urchine, starfish etc.). The guide said that if we lucky we can see sea turtle here. Unfortunately, we did not find it. But anyway, underwater at Turtle bay was perfect and unable to see such abundance sea life like here in Thailand before.


Cruising with Longtail Boat to Turtle Bay


Luckily, it was smooth sea and clear sky day. We can found coral even on the boat !


Datnioides gang at Turtle Bay


Brain Coral


New born Antler Coral


Nemo Fishes in their garden (Anemone)


Video of snorkeling at Turtle Bay


     We spent 30 minutes at Turtle bay and we move to another snorkeling place, Ao Chong Kaaad (Thai : อ่าวช่องขาด). This bay is located at the gap between north and south island. This bay is shallow water and very easy to sea colorful fishes as well as new born coral.


Giant clam


Thorns starfish

Video of Snorkeling at Chong Kaad Bay



Behind the scene – it used a lot of effort to get each photo 🙂


          We had time to snorkeling at Chong Kaad bay about 30 minutes and then we back to Mai Ngam Beach around 16.00pm. Guide had served us with fresh pineapple during travel back on the boat. It was very refreshing since we tired after snorkeling and diving more than an hour.

     We had 2 hours to relax on Mai Ngam Beach during sunset and take shower before dinner. We can dry our wet clothes in front of our tent, it had hanging rope. The dinner time is 18.15pm at main restaurant and it was served us with seafood dishes…yummy.

     Note : Electricity on island is available on 18.00pm – 22.00pm at main restaurant only. It has power sockets to recharge phone and camera there.


Charging Station at Main Restaurant on evening


😛  Our Seafood Dinner – Yummy 😛


     After dinner, we had free time to enjoy night time on quiet and peaceful beach before go to bed. This day was our fantastic and worthwhile day since we spent all night on the bus and connect speed boat to paradise island. Then, we did snorkeling and explore the completion of the underwater world. It was one of our amazing day in our life…..Sweet dream. 🙂




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