[Review] Bus & Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Chang

This trip, I had quick plan to have short vacation at Koh Chang (Trat province, Thailand). This province is located about 320 km from Bangkok, near to Thailand and Cambodia border. In Thai Language, Koh = Island and Chang = elephant, because this island is second largest of Thailand, after Phuket. To get this island, it has several ways. The fastest way is to fly from Bangkok to Trat province and connect with car and ferry, but it comes with sky-rocket cost. 💰 So, in my opinion, the most affordable way is to Catch the bus from Bangkok to Trat and connect the ferry. The total cost was only 450 THB/pax (about 14 USD) per trip.

Herewith the summary of the trip.

1. Take the mini-bus from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Ekkamai). I booked the bus departed at 5AM.
The bus ticket was 290 THB/pax – one way trip (about 9 USD).
– Indeed, it also had minibus depart from Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo-Chit) too.
– I recommend to us Koh Chang – Bangkok Minibus company as it had comfortable, reliable and clean bus. The ticket can be booked online, but it has only Thai Language (unfortunately). Anyway, you can buy the ticket at bus station. Just tell the ticket vendor that you would like to go to Saen Tung Bus Stop (Thai : แสนตุ้ง) to connect local taxi to the Koh Chang Ferry Pier (Ao Thammachat Pier – Thai : ท่าเรืออ่าวธรรมชาติ).
– The bus will be arrived at Saen Tung Bus Stop around 9.45AM.

2. At Saen Tung Bus Stop, take local taxi (Orange mini truck with 2-rows bench) to Koh Chang Ferry Pier which is 30 km away (30 minutes ride).
– The cost is 80 THB/pax – One way (about 2.50 USD). Minimum 5 pax. If the passenger is less than 5, the driver will charge all passengers to get 300 THB/trip. For example, 2 pax = 150 THB/pax, 3 pax = 100 THB/pax.
– If you do not satisfy the price what driver offer you, you can wait another passenger who come with another bus in order to share the cost.
– The driver will offer you the ferry ticket to Koh Chang with same price as buying at the prier, 80 THB (about 2.50 USD).

3. Take the ferry to Koh Chang. It takes 30 minutes. The ferry operates during 6.30AM to 6.30PM. This is the link to check timetable.


Once the plan had been set, it was the time to pack my belonging and go out to explore the Elephant Island !

The trip was started by my arriving at Ekkamai bus terminal around 4.30AM. The mini-bus was waiting at the Platform No. 17. The mini-bus had about 20 seats. The seat pitch was acceptable. But it had no much space to put big size luggage. It was good idea to travel lite (Only one backpack and one 20-inches luggage are OKAY).


The ticket counter No. 24 (Koh Chang – Bangkok Minibus company)



Boarding was at Platform No. 17


When all passengers (Who selected origin as Ekkamai bus station) were boarded, the mini-bus was departed on-time. It stopped on the way about 4-5 points to pick-up and drop-off passengers. About 9.45AM, the bus arrived Saen Tung Bus Stop.

Saen Tung Bus Stop – drop the minibus here to take local taxi to Ao Thammachart Piet

The local taxi to the pier


For me, at this bus stop, it had only 2 persons from my mini-bus who would like to go to Koh Chang. The driver offered us 150 THB/pax (4.50 USD) to go to the pier immediately. But, we were not rush, we decided to wait more person from another bus. Fortunately, next bus was arrived 20 minutes after. It had more 3 persons in that bus. So, we had 5 persons and shared the taxi cost at 80 THB.

And, the driver offered me the ferry ticket too, 80 THB. I decided to buy from him as it has same price. The ticket could be used for anytime of ferry.

On the way to the pier


The local taxi dropped us at the pier about 11AM. The next ferry was scheduled to leave at 11.45AM, I had 45 minutes to find something to eat as I did not have breakfast yet. At 11.30AM, the boarding (both cars and passengers) was started. The lower deck is for the vehicle and the upper deck is the passenger lounge.

The waiting area of Ao Thammachart Pier

Our Ferry to Koh Chang

Lower deck for vehicles and upper deck for passengers


The seats in passenger lounge (Upper deck)


The ferry was departed as scheduled. It took only 30 minutes to cross the sea to the island. It was arrived Koh Chang pier (Ao Supparot Pier) at 12.15PM.



Now, it meant I have arrived Koh Chang completely. If count the duration from the beginning, it spent only about 7 hours to reach here (departed from Bangkok at 5AM and step on Koh Chang at 12.15PM). Total cost was only 450 THB/pax – One way (14 USD).

From Koh Chang Pier, you can use the local taxi to take you to the hotel. The price must be negotiated beforehand. However, the most convenient way (for me) is to rent the motorbike and hop around the island. I did contact the motorbike shop in advance. I recommend this shop https://www.facebook.com/S.Khonhan/?locale=th_TH as they can deliver the bike to the pier and it can be returned at the pier as well. The rental cost was 300 THB/day (9 USD), exclude gasoline.


Then, once I got the motorbike, it meant I’m the tiger with the wings. I could ride to anywhere I want in the island. It’s time to explore and enjoy the nature, culture and beach.


On the way back to the mainland, I just did the same as I go here. After takinBut, the place to get the mini-bus to Bangkok is slightly different than when I arrived, it is just opposite from the place where I dropped to get Orange Taxi to the pier. https://goo.gl/maps/WqGr2nZgh9PKPxLr8. The ticket to Bangkok could be purchased here.


Hrewith the overall of my review of how to get Koh Chang from Bangkok with the most reasonable way and afforadable price. Hope this review can help you to organize the trip smoothly and confidently. Enjoy your wonderful day in the miracle island. 🙂



Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth



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