[REVIEW] Thai Airways TG961 : Stockholm – Bangkok

After our 9 days of Scandinavian trip, it was the time to back to our motherland, Bangkok – Thailand. We finished our trip at Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It had direct flight operated by Thailand flag carrier, Thai Airways which is very convenient and comfortable for us to fly straight across the region.


This is the flight details of our trip

Flight No. : TG 961 – Thai Airways

Route : Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (BKK)

Departure Time : 13.30PM (GMT +1)

Arrival Time : 05.45AM +1 (GMT +7)

Flight Duration : 10 Hours 15 minutes

Equipment : Airbus A350 – 900

Cabin Class : ECONOMY


From Stockholm city center, we used airport bus from Stockholm central station to Arlanda Airport (ARN), Flygbussarna. E-Ticket can be purchased online and use QR-code from mobile phone to board the bus. We left the city center at 9.30am and arrived the airport 10.15am. Thai Airways was operated at Terminal-5.


The bus was stopped at Terminal-4 where is nearby Terminal-5. We walked to departure hall to find check-in counter of Thai Airways. Indeed, we did internet check-in before arrive the airport. But it had no counter for Internet checked-in passenger, it had only regular lines. We spent almost an hour for check-in and baggage drop processes.


Once we finished check-in and got Boarding Pass, we directed to the security checkpoint and immigration. It had 2 security checkpoints in Terminal-5. We could see the waiting time on the screen and choose the fastest one. We travelled on weekend, the airport was quite busy. But the officers were very active 🙂


We passed all processes and were at the boarding hall around 12.15pm. We had little time to have some snack and take a look the duty free shop. We would board at gate number F59 and our aircraft was waiting us already.


We were at the gate at 12.45pm. The passengers were preparing for boarding already. We waited just 10 minutes and the boarding was started.


The economy seat is arranged as 3-3-3. It has PTV, headphone, pillow and blanket for every seat. The seat pitch is pertinently wide and comfortable for long-haul flight (my height is 183 cm).


Once the boarding was completed, the flight was pushed back and taken off on-time. After seat belt sign was turned off, we survey the lavatory before the first meal service.


30 minutes after take off, the cabin crews had served the first meal. it had 2 choices for economy class, Rice with chicken red curry or Spaghetti with meat sauce. We selected chicken curry (because we don’t eat beef).The meal was served with salad and chocolate brownie. The soft drink, liquor, tea and coffee were free flown served during the meal.


After the first meal, it was the time for resting, As it was the red-eyes flight, we could not sleep all flight long. But the flight was very comfortable. We felt that ten hours flew so fast.


Two hours before arrival, the breakfast (second meal) was served. It had only one choice for economy class, Omelette with sausage. Hot tea and coffee as well as soft drink were served during the meal as the same.


The flight was delayed about one hour due to the flight path had to fly avoid Ukraine according to the announcement from the captain. We were ascending to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and landing at 6.45am (Bangkok local time)


After the aircraft had stopped at the aero-bridge gate, we disembarked and passed the immigration. Then, we claimed our luggage at the belt no. 17.


Once we retrieved the luggage, we could go out to the arrival hall and go to the city center by Airport Raillink Skytrain. It means we completely arrived Bangkok – Thailand already.

We hope that this review can help you to get clear picture about traveling from Sweden to Thailand by direct flight operated by Thai Airways. We believe that this is the one of most convenient, comfortable and efficiency way to connect between two continents. We wish you have a wonderful stay in Thailand……The land of smile 🙂


Written By : Shipy Siwarit Tiasuwattiseth


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