[Review] Etihad Airways – EY38/EY408 : Paris to Bangkok (via Abu Dhabi)

On this trip, I traveled to France for work. Initially, I wanted to fly directly with the flagship carriers like Thai Airways or Air France. However, both airlines were fully booked during the time I needed to travel. It could be because Paris was hosting a major event at that time—the SIAL PARIS Food Exhibition, which is a global event and attracts a huge number of visitors. But that wasn’t a problem for me. Even though the direct flights were packed with no available seats, there were plenty of options for connecting flights from Bangkok to Paris. I had a wide range of choices, whether it was the Middle Eastern carriers like Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Oman Air, and others, or European airlines like KLM, Lufthansa, and more. I even considered Air India as another option. I could say I had a lot of options to choose from, and I just followed my heart in making the decision.

When considering the timing and price, Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, proved to be the most suitable option for me. Not only did it offer competitive pricing, but it also excelled in terms of layover duration, departure time, and arrival time. With all these factors taken into account, I swiftly made my reservation, fearing that the flights would fill up rapidly.

For this review, I will share my first-hand experience with this airline. It was a journey from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (BKK) with a layover and aircraft change in Abu Dhabi (AUH). Let me delve into the details of the flight and route.

FLIGHT – 1          

ROUTE          : Paris (CDG) – Abu Dhabi (AUH)         

FLIGHT          : EY 38– Etihad Airways          

AIRCRAFT      : Airbus A340-600          

DATE               : 21.10.2016          

ETD              : 10.00PM (GMT+2)            

ETA               : 7.05PAM (GMT+4) +1            

DURATION      : 7 HOURS 5 MINUTES            

CABIN               : ECONOMY


****** STOPOVER TIME : 1 Hour 20 Minutes ******



ROUTE            :  Abu Dhabi (AUH)    –Bangkok (BKK)            

FLIGHT            : EY 38– Etihad Airways            

AIRCRAFT        : Boeing 777 – 300            

DATE               : 22.10.2016            

ETD                : 8.25AM (GMT+4)            

ETA                 : 6.25PM (GMT+7)            

DURATION        : 6 HOURS 45 MINUTES            

CABIN               : ECONOMY


I started with the check-in at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Etihad was located at Terminal 2, separate from Terminals 1 and 3. As I traveled alone, I decided to take the RER-B line and get off at the last stop.

My flight was at 10PM. I arrived at the airport around 7:30 PM. At that time, the check-in had already started, and the queue was quite long. Luckily, I had done the Internet check-in beforehand, which allowed me to use the Baggage drop counter directly. It saved me a lot of time.









After I received my boarding pass, I checked to see which gate I was assigned to, which happened to be Gate 40. It was quite far, but since I arrived early, I didn’t think it would be a problem. I leisurely strolled around and as the time drew near, I made my way to the gate.







After I arrived at the gate, boarding was about to conclude. By chance, I took a leisurely stroll and unexpectedly stumbled upon some fascinating things to explore. There were so many intriguing sights and activities that caught my attention.







The atmosphere inside the Economy Class of Etihad’s A340-600 was quite pleasant. The seating arrangement was 3-3-3, and it didn’t feel cramped at all. As I am 183 cm tall, I found the seat pitch provided by Etihad to be very comfortable. 😌





It had PTV and the documents as well as magazine in front seat pocket.





As for the amenities provided, they included headphones, a pillow, and a Sleep Tight kit. Inside the kit, there were socks for sleeping and a toothbrush set with toothpaste. I must say, they were quite thoughtful in preparing these essentials.



Once the takeoff was complete and the plane was airborne, I decided to explore the lavatory first. Overall, it was clean and well-equipped with all the necessary conveniences. The restroom had everything I needed, including toiletries, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer.







Afterward, the cabin crew began to serve hot meals. I requested a chicken steak with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach sauce. The other option was beef, but since I don’t eat beef, I had only one choice. I didn’t pre-order any special meal for this flight, as I completely forgot about it. Normally, on a full-service flight where pre-ordering is available, I would have chosen a fresh fruit platter. I find it easier and more comfortable to have fruits during long-haul flights, as they are light on the stomach. It helps prevent any discomfort when crossing time zones. Feel free to use this trick if it suits you. 🍊



After that, I felt satisfied with the meal and immediately switched off to the sleep mode. It was a late-night flight, and I had been working tiredly all day. Before I knew it, the sky was already tinged with the colors of dawn. The captain announced to fasten our seat belts and prepare for landing in Abu Dhabi




I had just over an hour for the connecting flight, so there wasn’t much I could do at Abu Dhabi Airport. After going through security, I hurriedly made my way to gate 35 immediately (as I only had a 1-hour and 20-minute layover). It turned out that the line was already packed with people, and I barely had 5 minutes before boarding commenced.







The magazine and safety instruction in front seat pocket in the flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok.



After the plane was in the air, breakfast service began. I chose chicken congee as my meal option. The other choice was omelette, but it seemed a bit heavy for me. Opting for the chicken congee was a good decision because I was still in a drowsy state, half asleep and half awake. Nevertheless, I managed to eat it just fine because I must have had multiple stomachs. 😀



After feeling satisfied with the meal, I dozed off once again, just as I usually do. When I woke up, we were preparing for landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. After landing, I went through customs and collected my luggage as per the regulations.







Overall, I would give this airline a perfect score of 10/10 in terms of:

  • Service
  • Punctuality
  • Cabin crew’s service mind
  • Cabin cleanliness
  • Seat pitch

It’s no wonder they have received numerous awards and accolades.

For anyone traveling to destinations in Western Europe, Africa, or America, choosing to connect through Abu Dhabi with ETIHAD is definitely a good option. I highly recommend it, as it guarantees an impressive experience. ✈️✈️✈️

See you next time……travel lover 😘





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