One Day Snorkeling Trip at Koh Tao – Thailand

Koh Tao is one of the most famous and beautiful place in the world to explore undersea creatures. Snorkeling or scuba diving are the popular activities on this island which travelling cannot miss them.

After we arrived here safely yesterday (by Nok Air & Lomprayah) and relaxed at one of the best view hotel in Koh Tao, Blue Heaven Resort – Koh Tao, today we will do “It is a must thing” by take day-trip to snorkeling around wonderful island.

Since we arrived here yesterday, we can find many snorkeling and scuba diving shops at the pier (Mae Haad Pier). Furthermore, all hotels also sell day trip and water activity at their reception desk (Hotels are just agency, not tour company. They just sell day-trip for tour company). The price was not difference, it was about *850 THB/pax (26.50 USD) for snorkeling day trip include lunch box, snack, tea & coffee and equipment as well as pick-up & drop-off from/to hotel with free of charge. The trip will be started at 9.00am (pick-up time) until 16.30pm (drop-off time). So, we decided to buy one-day trip from our hotel upon we arrived yesterday for today trip. Our today trip will go with Oxygen Tour Koh Tao.


We started our date by wake up on 07.30am to take shower and enjoy delicious breakfast at Hotel. The tour company had arrived and picked up us at hotel on 09.00am. and then picked up another passenger and go to tour shop around 09.15am to register and receive snorkeling equipment.

Our Breakfast at Hotel

Tour ticket for one day snorkeling trip

Then, the guides had leaded us to the pier which is only 200 m away from the shop and announce all passengers to boarding to boat. Now, we are ready to explore our exciting day !

Our Boat for snorkeling trip
Our Today snorkeling Map – We will go counter clockwise from Mae Haad Pier

The boat had left the pier and brought us get around the island counter clockwise. The first destination is Ao Tian Og (Thai : อ่าวเทียนออก) or Shark Bay (Thai : อ่าวฉลาม) which is 20 minutes from the pier. We had 25 minutes to snorkeling here. The guides said that if we are lucky we will see Sea turtle and Blacktip shark. Underwater here had many staghorn coral which is the good food place for those sea lives.

Photo and Video at Shark Bay – Koh Tao (Underwater Photo and Video are taken by SJ4000 Camera)


Then, we got back to the boat and move to another snorkeling place which is about 20 minutes away from Shark Bay, Hin Wong Bay (Thai : อ่าวหินวง). The guide announced that we had 30 minutes here for snorkeling. At here, it had many staghorn and colorful coral reef (such as Christmas worm, Sea Anemones, Sea urchins, etc.). This bay had smoother sea than shark bay and easier to do free diving.

Underwater photos and Video at Hin Wong Pinnacle – Koh Tao (by SJ4000 Camera)


After we finished snorkeling at Hin Wong Bay, it was 12 O’clock and it was time for yummy lunch. We had lunch on the boat with meal box which has 2 choice, garlic chicken with rice and stir fried vegetable with rice. We select chicken and it was very delicious (we guessed we were hungry and feel everything delicious 😛 )

Our Lunchbox on the Boat

Next, when we are fulled, the boat had moved to the third point of the day which is one of my favorite place, Mango Bay (Thai : อ่าวม่วง). Here we had 45 minutes to snorkeling around big area with many sea lives. This bay was very beautiful and looked like wonderful decorated fish tank !

The highlight of this bay is it has many Ocellaris clownfishes (Nemo Fishes). If you see Sea Anemones, you can see those fishes for sure. 🙂


We finished snorkeling at Mango Bay around 2pm and returned on board with afternoon coffee (it had free flow tea/coffee/water on boat with pineapple and watermelon with free of charge). Then, the boat take us to final destination, Koh Nang Yuan (Nang Yuan Island, Thai : เกาะนางยวน). This island is private island which is opened for public until 5pm only. At this island, we had 2 interesting things to do, climb the hill to see wonderful view of the island and enjoy the white & fine beach. Guides said that we had 2 hours at this islands to do both activities.

Koh Nangyuan – We arrived !


We started by exercising to walk to the top hill of the island first. It had stairs and rough way to the hill which take 15 minutes climbing only. But we had to queue up at the top to take photos due to many tourist there. We recommend to start to visit this island as first place in the morning before go to snorkeling to avoid crowded people. At the top hill, we can say that it is worth with our 15 minutes of sweating. The view was fabulous and if we were not here it means we had not stepped on this island !!!

Stairway to the top hill (view point) at Koh Nangyuan
View point from the top hill of Nang yuan Island


Around 3.20pm, we climbed down from the hill and back to relaxing at the beach. The sand here was extremely white and smooth which is match we clear blue sea water. We had spent our 40 minutes here by swimming in the sea and enjoy our soft drink at the beach.

White sand beach and clear blue sea at Nangyuan Island


Gaping Cat at Koh Nangyuan – I guess she never bore to stay at this paradise island


At 4pm, it was time to say goodbye to this paradise island and finished our day trip. We back to our boat and travel back to the pier where we left this morning.

At that day, we had a pleasure experience and unforgettable memories with one of the most beautiful island in our life. We had sweet dreamed and hoped to comeback again here…..Koh Tao – Thailand








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